Great reasons that act as major pull factors for Canada.

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Great reasons that act as major pull factors for Canada.

January 15, 2019 Blog 0

Canada has one of the most positive immigration policies in the world. The Canadian Government plans to admit over 2, 00,000 immigrants each year. In terms of standards of living, the United Nations has voted Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. Canada has a long history of immigration. Post-war immigration policies created generations of new Canadian citizens and helped build not only our population but also the fabric of our society. In the years since, Canada’s immigration policy has changed many times. But the Canadian national identity is built on a foundation of multiculturalism and immigration. Here are some of the great reasons that act as a pull factor for Canada.

  • Canada has been rated the best country in the world, according to millennial. Thousands of the influential generation were asked to score different world nations on a wide range of criteria, from dating culture to career development and it was perceived that Canada was the best country overall.
  • You may come from a country where workers in the service and hospitality sectors earn a guaranteed liveable wage with additional benefits, and therefore tipping may not be a part of your culture. That’s great, but Canada is different, and becoming accustomed to tipping is a basic ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ situation.
  • Canadian resident is entitled to 60 percent of the last wages drawn in case of lay off from job if he/she has worked for nearly six months in Canada till then. Canadian resident is under the Canadian Pension Plan to receive retirement pension. It depends upon the age at which he/she chooses to opt for the plan and is optimal at age 65.
  • According to recent statistics, the average Canadian lives up to the age of 81. We speculate that the fresh air and vast open spaces contribute to Canada’s high quality of life. The aged community in Canada are therefore well-looked after.
  • Over half of Canada’s residents have college degrees and the number of Canadians with university-level education is second to none. This, in turn, contributes to Canada’s thriving economy and booming industries as there are always opportunities for individuals to not only educate themselves, but also create employment for others.

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